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About Us

Jean is passionate about the Real Estate business! She loves exploring the land, buildings, unique locations, investment opportunities, while interacting and sharing the passion and dreams of every one of her unique clients!

She has lived in cities, towns, and rural areas all over AB and BC. She has her own ideas and dreams of building the perfect home. She has explored, researched and enthusiastically pursued the dome home (back a few years), the amazing straw bale home, the warehouse conversion dream, the cabin on the lake, solar powered, wind powered, off grid or on grid. She's experienced ‘the company house,” the bi-level, the apartment, the basement suite, the bungalow, the 3 story historical 1912 character home, the handyman special, the dream home, homesteaded with the ‘tiny home’ on 160 acres on the prairies, the condos, warehouses, tried the float home on the Fraser River, and a fantastic ocean front on the West Coast. Now for the last 9 years, I am happily settled back and enjoying the beautiful West Country near Sundre, AB.


Randy is a professional safety, security and investigation consultant with extensive experience in safety management, criminal and incident investigations, surveillance, source development, personal and property protection. 

His skills were developed through 20 years in the construction and oil and gas industries and 19 years as a police officer.  

He is an expert in gathering and analyzing intelligence with a proven track record of generating positive results


Health, Safety, and Environmental Management


Incident and Criminal Investigation

Source Development

Personal and Property Protection


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