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The Security Services and Investigators Act, Section 2.1 defines an investigator as any person who undertakes the following for remuneration:

Investigate, conduct surveillance activities, or seek or obtain information about:

  1. Crimes, offences, contraventions of enactments or misconduct or allegations of [same],

  2. The cause of an accident, incident, property damage, personal injury or damage to premises,

  3. The activity, conduct, character or repute of a person,

  4. The location of property, or

  5. The whereabouts of a person

The types of security and investigation services provided:

  1. Surveillance

  2. Missing Person Investigations

  3. Witness Protection Consulting

  4. Location of Stolen Property and Financial Assets

  5. Forensic Investigations

  6. OHS Investigations

  7. Environmental Investigations

  8. Workplace Investigations

  9. Insurance Investigations

  10. Background Investigations

  11. Fraud and Financial Investigations

  12. Security Consulting

  13. Security Equipment Sales

  14. Executive Protection Consulting

  15. Threat Risk Assessment (TRA)

  16. Privacy Act Consulting

  17. Loss Prevention

  18. Pre-employment Screening

  19. Process Service

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